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Adrian Vandenberg Peavey guitar

Vandenberg now there’s a name I haven’t heard for a while, the last time I saw Adrian play was at Donnington Park, Monsters Of Rock in 1990 but Steve Vai kind of stole his thunder with his 30 minute guitar solo (was it really that long or is that just my long term memory glitching?), Steve had just released Passion and Warfare and played a few tracks, brought out all manner of weird and wonderful guitars and put a bit of life back into a bit of a dull Whitesnake performance. Adrian also had a solo spot but I’m afraid I can’t really remember much about it other than he was playing one of his Peavey Vandenberg guitars.

Anyway as per usual I digress, I spotted this news over at Premier Guitar who must be brimming with secrets from NAMM about to set tongues wagging but this particular guitar piqued my interest because Aristides Instruments feature a state of the art material called ‘Arium’ which all sounds very Wolverine but they claim has the sonic characteristics of a Stradivarius. That is one hell of a statement and one that we won’t be able to put to the test anytime soon, this manufacturer is based in The Netherlands and the chances of one landing on Australian shores is probably quite slim for the time being.