Peavey Vandenberg


Like the original Peavey Vandenberg Puzzle guitars, Our replica has mahogany body, maple neck and ebony fingerboard. All these three kinds of wood have.

This Peavey Vandenberg has a very wise investment, if you play with your right hand open , your finger will not turn the volume all the time. It is also handy when you really need to look down, or to the “seagull effect” fade-in.

Peavey Vandenberg  also acts as a volume of master for two mics, but the lower pot works only for the neck pickup. This opens up opportunities for some help. Plugged into a good amp, you can use the switch to turn from one sound almost crystalline clean the coil humbucker sound distorted flat-out, or you can get that Ace Frehley style on and off effect simply by adjusting the 2 volume pots. The first prototype, however, as the controls are located on ESP Horizons Adrian. On other Peaveys he used on the first Whitesnake tour, selector and neck volume changed location compared to production models. play well, balanced sweet-sounding and extremely versatile guitar with looks outstanding! A guitar personality. You can set the action of chain does not lower real buzz.

Peavey Vandenberg is not only limited to play Hard Rock and Heavy Metal good you also get beautiful blues, jazz and even country sounds of the ax. As the years past, VandenBerg also proved to bear the changing seasons and transportation. A nice hard case is also included with very good instruction manual and a certificate from the man himself under the hand!

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